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The ‘Vital Junoonions’ unite for Naya Pakistan

The simple yet marvelous Dil Dil Pakistan remains to be the ‘anthem’ of our nation. 25 years later, founding Vital Signs members Shahzad Hassan (Shahi), Salman Ahmad, Nusrat Hussain and Junaid Jamshed (JJ) are collaborating on what they hope to be the new musical sensation — a track titled Naya Pakistan.

In an interview with The Express Tribune, guitarist and author of Rock & Roll Jihad, Salman Ahmad recalls, “I remember it like yesterday… my first performance of Dil Dil Pakistan with the Vital Signs, 25 years ago.”

“It was the spring of 1988, at Karachi’s Holiday Inn [now Marriott Hotel]. There were 50 people in the audience — mostly friends and family. I was a medical student, JJ was an engineering student, Shahi and Rohail were into computers but we all believed that we could change Pakistan through music. Everyone thought we were crazy. We followed our hearts and the ‘universe conspired to make us succeed.’ [Today] our roller coaster journey and friendship continue into a Naya Pakistan, InshAllah!”

While the former members of Vital Signs — with the exception of Junaid — now create music independently, they have come together recently to make what Salman describes as “a song of revolution and change”.

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