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Noori – BEGUM GUL BAKAOLI SARFAROSH (complete album in vbr/mp3 download now!) 2015

Noori is out with the much awaited album “BEGUM GUL BAKAOLI SARFAROSH”. PakMusic.net is not done yet, we shall be in action back very soon! Til then enjoy this album and enjoy.

To download from PakMusic.Net Library CLICK HERE

Full album in VBR ZIP single click download: CLICK HERE

Download from mega.nz (single ZIP file) : click HERE

more stream and dl options being added very soon!

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  1. please remove this album. it is not fair on the artist after 10 years of effort. let them upload when they want at their own will. purchase from itunes or cdbaby

  2. Hi,

    My name is Aymen and i represent Noori for their digital content. While we absolutely appreciate that you are a fan of the band and probably uploaded the music in that spirit, please understand that we released this content with specific partners because we have certain specific strategic benefits that we get in return. Releasing an album in today’s day and age is hard.The band and its team have worked its skins off to put this record out and unauthorized uploading of this content is highly unfair to the band and damaging to the music industry. We don’t believe in threats and strong arming so we politely request you to take this content down. However, we do have the full mandate from our client to take whatever action necessary to ensure this content IS taken down. We hope it does not come to that and as a lover of pakistani music you understand and respect our request.

    Aymen Rizwan

  3. why pay or download via itunes for the songs that were out couple of years ago. Only 5 out of 9 songs are new original rest are all old. Common Noori, one song per two year creativity…is that all you have…#facepalm

    • Bro, not causing a fight here, but 1947 and mujhay roko weren’t intended to be released ever before the album. those were leaked demos. have u ever heard them perform them live? as far as kedaar goes, it was intended for the new album and only performed in live studios. no studio version of it was released. Aik tha badshah was released as a pre release single like every other professional artist abroad does. even aik tha badshah was redone for the album. these old songs u are saying have been remixed.you cant really question their creativity, atleast they made an effort. do u see any other artist in pakistan doing that instead of going into acting or coke studio?
      so i think its worth paying and supporting your local artists for the future of the music in pakistan. Noori really has been working their skins off for this. i have no regrets buying the album 🙂

  4. Please take down the uploaded music. Let the music industry revive

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