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Ali Zafar is Aamir khan’s brother

Ali Zafar discovers that he is a distant relative of Aamir Khan’s…

After a couple of music videos and his film debut, Tere Bin Laden, Ali Zafar has become quite a chocolate boy. Known to have come into this industry by his own accord, the actor now finds that he is indeed related to Aamir Khan.

Hailing from Pakistan, Ali Zafar has revealed that he is a distant cousin of the ace Khan. Just how? Let us tell you… It so happens that Ali Zafar’s father-in-law’s cousin’s mother and Aamir’s mother are cousins! Apparently, Ali has mention this to Aamir when he met him for the first time, and the Khan was quite taken aback.

We wonder if this connection is going to help Ali in the future, and more importantly, will he be using it?

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