June 29, 2011 Posted by Henna in News

Political music: Rousing the masses

KARACHI: “Bum Bum Phatta, Bum Bum Phatta , Kadi Lahore, Karachi tae Kadi Fata” (Bomb explodes, bomb explodes, sometimes in Lahore, sometimes in Karachi, sometimes in Fata).

These are the hilariously ironic lyrics of Ali Azmat’s latest offering “Bum Phatta”, which has gone viral on the internet ever since it was released. The catchy tune, which has socially relevant lyrics addressing a wide array of problems faced by the Pakistani nation, also has a very interesting video. The advent of such satirical songs and videos is nothing new to Pakistani music. We only have to look back to the 90s, to find a number of such bold songs and videos.

Source: Express Tribune

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