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May 15, 2013 Posted by Jawad in News, Video

PakMusic Video : Asim Subhani - Pyaray Allah



Asim Subhani - Pyaray ALLAH (Official Music Video) from Asim Subhani on Vimeo.


PakMusic Exclusive Audio & Video - Asim Subhani - Main Muddat Se

To Download Audio, Click HERE

Concept: Asim Subhani
Recording: Asad Kamal - Studio 051
Sound effects:
3D Animation: Erdem Çetinkaya (Turkey)
Ka'abah time-lapse: Almuhannad Alkadam (Saudi Arabia)
Post: Zeeshan Khan
D.o.P: Asim Subhani & Atif Subhani
Special Thanks: Annie Aziz, Omair Mohsin, Amjad Falki & Arslan Tahir

'Main Muddat Se' was hymned by Asim Subhani's classmate when he was in Grade 6 and it was that very time when he decided to record it someday in studio and finally the target was accomplished on 4th of July 2011. Asim always took part in the 'national songs' and 'naat/hamd' competitions in his Primary school. The video has been directed by Asim himself and it is his 3rd venture as a director. Moreover this time, he shot it by himself as well. 'Main Muddat Se' has been hymned in a traditional way but the video has been shot keeping in view the latest techniques usually used in music videos. The concept is interesting and is a message for youth so that they can relate to the situations in the video and can turn to their Creator.  It includes some clippings from 2 films, one made by a Saudi Arabia based film-maker (Almuhannad Alkadam) and the other by a Turkish film-maker (Erdem Çetinkaya). The video can prove to be a new trend setter and in future we may see big budgetted videos of Hymns just like Music videos!

June 4, 2011 Posted by Jawad in Audio, Video

Audio & Video : Asim Subhani - Facebook Love Story

Download Audio, Right Click Below and 'Save Target As'

Facebook Love Story | Download Audio

May 24, 2011 Posted by Jawad in News, Video

Asim Subhani's Facebook Love Story - Releasing June 2011

Asim Subhani is an upcoming artist from Islamabad, Pakistan. He has already released two videos ('O jaan-e-jaan' and 'Tere Liye' was Exclusively released from PakMusic,net) which can be found on YouTube. Asim is currently negotiating his album deal with 2 of the major Record Labels in Pakistan and is planning to release it before December 2011. 'Facebook Love Story' is Asim's personal experience if the audio is taken in isolation from the video according to Asim. He has worked hard on this song and has full faith and belief in his audience. For some untold reason, he has dedicated this upcoming video to the Legendary Moin Akhtar. May be because of the humour apparent in this first-look-video. With the hope that people will like his work, he’s ready to face them with his third song. Let's see how his video comes out to be in the month of June 2011!

Concept: Asim Subhani
D.o.P.: Naved Ahmed
Music: Asad Kamal – Studio 051
Genre: Punk Rock
Fan Club:


PakMusic Exclusive : Audio & Video - Asim Subhani - Tere Liye

Song: Tere Liye
Vocals, Lyrics & Composition: Asim Subhani
Music: Asad Kamal - Studio 051
Genre: R&B
Video Directions: Ali Sani

'Tere Liye' was hummed on 14th July 2006 while Asim was taking a shower! He rushed out in a towel leaving the shower on. Grabbed a pen and started writing it down. Later on completed it that night. The song was recorded in October 2009 at Studio 051. Later on, in December 2009 and December 2010 it was shot at Lahore in parts. The video has been directed by a student of NCA Lahore, Ali Sani. Video is full of colours and the concept is attractive. Let's see how the viewers respond to this new kid on the block!

Download HD Video - Click HERE (800 MB)

Download Low Quality Video - Click HERE (40MB)

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Asim Subhani - Tere Liye

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