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PakMusic Concert Review: Kamijee and the North American Tout Team Rock in Bay Area, California

Kamijee and the North American Team Rock in Bay Area
Event Organized by Pakistani Association of San Francisco Bay Area (September 24th 2011 on SATURDAY)

by Raza Asad (PakMusic Editorial)

For the first time, Bay area experienced an explosive, cross-genre musical event called Jashn-e-Azadi and eid mela, organized by Pakistan Association of San Francisco along with Pakmusic.net. A harmonic combination of pop, classical, western and traditional, the even sought to bring together a wide range of musical artists for the people of Bay Area.

The singers were full of passion and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the music of a long lineup of artists. Pakmusic and the Kamijee team covered and captured every moment of the show with pictures, audios and videos, to make sure every moment was preserved. The PASF organization was extremely cooperative and provided Pakmusic with all the necessary support.

A special thanks goes out to the president of PASF, Syed Nusrat, Syed Romeel Quddus (Treasure), Zakhi and the Pakmusic.net team who were united in their efforts to organize the amazing concert. The idea behind the show was to promote Pakistani artists who live abroad and therefore do not have a platform to promote their talents. The event featured several young artists and their music was dedicated to the younger generation of bay area as a means of inspiration. In addition, it was also meant as a tribute to the Pakistani bands that hold the all-time legendary status, Junoon and Vital Signs for influencing and shaping the music industry with 20 years of brilliance.

Kamijee realized that there is a wealth of unexplored talent in amateur bands of Pakistani origin and has been working hard to materialize his vision of discovering and promoting this immense pool of talent. Kamijee has been working endlessly to introduce and promote this new and upcoming talent that has yet to get the breakthrough, into the mainstream music industry. This has greatly helped amateur artists by bringing out their talents into the limelight and for the masses to appreciate their talents.

The show started with a beautiful Naat, followed by the national anthems of Pakistan and the United States of America. The metaphorical “musical ball” got rolling with Umair khan, a singer from bay area who mesmerized the audience with a couple of heart-warming patriotic Pakistani songs with his amazing voice. Following that was a dance performance by Omar Rajpute, who performed as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, with his mind blowing dance and aggressive dance moves.

The crowd was already pumped up by now when Bay Area’s renowned singer, Imran Rehman stepped in and got the crowd on its feet by performing a covers track such as Allah ho, Channo, Karlo gey piyaar.

The next performance was by Ambreen and Savera from the Kraze band who travelled all the way from Michigan to perform in Bay Area for the very first time. Kraze band kicked things off with their rendition of Jeevay Jeevay Pakistani with their sweet voices and followed it with some cover tracks such as Dholna, Bandeya, Ni Mein Teray Naal and Dum Must Qalandar. They also paid tribute to living legend Alamgir by performing his song ‘Dekha na tha’ that charged up the crowd who started singing along with Ambreen and Savera.

The following performance was by Hamza Jameel and Azaad with their fantastic voices. Hamza began his performance with the all-time crowd favorite, Dil Dil Pakistan in its original form, as Vital Signs composed about two decades ago. Hamza’s performances have a shade of Junaid Jamshed and therefore all his songs are heavily influenced by the legendary Junaid. The next song was “Ab jia na jayee”, also a Vital Sigs class, which gripped the audience with nostalgia and emotion. The performers were requested by the crowd to sing Sanwali saloni, upon which Hamza Jameel obliged and fulfilled the request with a stunning performance. Keeping in line with the Patriotic feeling of the event, Hamza and Azaad performed an amazing version of “Tu hai Kaha”. Azaad Khan started his performance with an amazing rock song titled “Bolo Bolo tum nay kia dekha”. The last song from their performance was yet another Vital Sings classic that has stood the test of time, “Goray rang ka Zamana” which the audience enjoyed tremendously.

The final performance was by Shariq Sidz, a Chicago based singer who is endowed with amazing vocals. His specialty is being able to perform music across all genres. He started his performance with the cover of “Doorie” by Atif Aslam, following that up with “Aadat” by Jal . His next song was the cover of “Sayoni” by Junoon, which brought mesmerized the audience.

Towards the end of the show, all North American team members joined the stage and they all sung Jazba-e-Junoon to end the evening with a bang.

The concert was a mega-hit because it had all the ingredients for success – Energy, Amazing vocals, fantastic music, Patriotism, and dedicated to the youth. The Patriotic undertone of the event made the audience forget this event was organized and performed outside of Pakistan.

A special thanks goes out to Syed Nusrat, president of PASF bay area, Syed Romeel Quddus, Zaki (Tri city Travel) and Faisal of Pakmusic.net for their support throughout the concert. They have done a tremendous job in organizing a hugely successful show for the first time in the Bay area.

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