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Laal’s Cause

I: They don’t sing for the sake of singing. Behind the music ofLahore’s sufi rock band Laal is a cause to support the leftist ideology reflected in their sociopolitical songs. Marking their presence in the Pakistani music scene within a year, the band has now invited their fans to join the Laal Brigade – a group of like minded young people.

Lead vocalist Taimur Rahman believes that the group does not play music for the sake of fun or generating money by touring various cities and holding a series of concerts. He stresses on the fact that, “Laal band’s music is based on supporting various causes.”

The band is currently supporting a variety of sociopolitical issues like “the lawyers’ movement, democratic rights, women’s rights, peasant movement and more recently we performed a tribute to Faiz, the poet, at the Karachi Literary Festival.”

Rahman feels the musicians in Pakistan are not doing enough to give back to the society, “Why not? Why are they not doing anything about it? We need to change their (musicians’) apathy towards it, to bring a positive change in Pakistan,” says Rahman.

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