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Political music: Rousing the masses

KARACHI: “Bum Bum Phatta, Bum Bum Phatta , Kadi Lahore, Karachi tae Kadi Fata” (Bomb explodes, bomb explodes, sometimes in Lahore, sometimes in Karachi, sometimes in Fata). These are the hilariously ironic lyrics of Ali Azmat’s latest offering “Bum Phatta”, ...

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Interview: Salman Ahmad – Sufi on a mission

KARACHI: Salman Ahmad is unstoppable. The talented guitarist released his much hyped memoir last year, titled Rock’n’Roll Jihad (RRJ), in which he narrates his ‘junoon’ (pun intended) for rock music, harmony and world peace. This year, the self-professed Sufi’s song ...

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World Music Day: A night to remember

LAHORE: A night dedicated to cultural music of Pakistan was held to celebrate World Music Day at the Rafi Peer Cultural Center, Lahore, on June 21. Organised by Rafi Peer Theatre in collaboration with Alliance de Lahore, the event brought ...

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Rahim Shah enthrals audience

Popular folk and pop singer Raheem Shah and two of the Chotey Ustad participants Moon and Fareeha rocked the audience at the music concert organised by Pakistan National Council of the Arts at National Art Gallery on Monday. The show ...

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Pakistan’s emerging rap scene

LAHORE: Rap has been called explicit, derogatory and sometimes uncouth, but its popularity worldwide is well documented. In Pakistan, with the rise of rappers such as Adil Omar, the country’s once hidden rap scene seems to be coming out of ...

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Kaptaan the movie: Movie on Imran Khan

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBRv7XLtsKM] The story follows Imran Khan’s life post the world cup victory in 1992. From the tragic death of his mother, first cancer hospital in Pakistan. From being the first Chancellor of the University of Bradford, Namal University and so ...

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